Madeira 2019

Op het prachtige eiland Madeira zal door lokale canyoneers weer een treffen worden georganiseerd in 2019. De verwachting is medio Mei/Juni. Interesse? Hou onze site of Facebookpagina in de gaten voor meer info.


Nieuw! Canyonteam Nederland heeft nu ook een eigen YouTube kanaal! We proberen alle reeds door ons geproduceerde videos op dit kanaal te tonen en natuurlijk nieuwe video’s van onze toekomstige avonturen te publiceren.

Jordan off the beaten track

We’re preparing for our canyon trip to Jordania. There are some guidebooks and online info available, if you stay to the well known routes it’s an adventure but as Canyonteam Nederland we’re always interested in life over the edge šŸ˜‰ So we are also try to visit some unknown slot canyons. As in Europe in most canyon areas you can rely on helicopter and the specialist mountain/canyon/cave rescue teams. But in Jordania we will completely rely on our small team of six members, self support is key! So some extra preparation is necessary. We will try to give some insights to our preparation by publishing photo and videos on our instagram account. We agreed during our first meeting that we will produce a video about our Jordania adventure.